Help Testing Rooftop Aircon Before Install?

The instructional video suggests doing a bench test of the unit before installing in roof of van, which seems like a good idea. Modularmaker (Daniel), showed me a power supply in the electronics area capable of outputting 12v, which is the voltage of my Nomadic X2 aircon. In the video, the guy does a very thorough job of connecting the unit to test it, but I think it could be simpler:

But obviously I’d like to be safe, and could use someone who knows about electricity to get it connected right. Anyone around now? Or later today (or even tomorrow)?

If all you need to test is the unit (i.e. not anything else in your setup) I don’t see why that can’t be accomplished with a car battery and a set of jumper cables. As long as you keep them from shorting against each other it ought to be fine for a bench test.

Be sure whatever you use to provide power can provide enough current for the A/C unit.

Not just voltage rating, current is important too. The highest current rating of the supply in the elab that I’m aware of is 35A. What’s your AC need?

Model: 12V

  • Current Eco Mode (A): 27A
  • Current Max Mode (A): 55A
  • Rated Power (W): 720W

I don’t have any jumper cables but probably should have, so I could buy some tomorrow. My van came with 2 batteries under drivers seat. (Also has 2 alternators.) Jump points are under the hood.
Btw, on left side of driver’s seat are two ‘consumer connection points.’ Ccp1 outputs 60a and is always active. Ccp2 outputs 175w when motor is running.
Anyhow, jump points under hood are easier to access. Would I be to add a fuse to be safe??