Help repairing stained glass

Cleaning ladies cracked a few sections in an abstract stained glass piece I made a few years ago. I have the replacement glass and other supplies, but don’t feel comfortable trying to fix it by myself. Anyone willing to provide guidance and oversight while I work on it?

@Team_Glass are there any stained glass classes coming up? If not there may be some people who have already taken it who may be able to help.

There might be somebody who’s taken the class. I think @Sarah_Hustwit ??? had done enough stained glass to be helpful. I think @rcktdr is currently out of town. Not sure who else might be helpful in stained glass.

My stained glass skills are very obviously beginner level. :flushed:

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Sorry, I fuse, I’m not at all good with Stained glass. Jen is out of the county for a couple of weeks. If you are not in a rush she would be the one to contact when she gets back. @rcktdr

@Christykaake is great with stained glass.

I can try to help you :wink: just let me know when…

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Are you a member? If so, you might request the green dot. :slight_smile:

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Yes, new member, still learning how things work. :blush: I’ll check into getting the green dot.

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Thanks! I have some weeknights available. Weekends are iffy. Let me check my calendar, but probably next week or the following week at the earliest.

A picture is worth a thousands words, what got broken?