Help Please Beginner


Hello, my name is Zach. Trying to build stretcher bars for a canvas. Was wondering if someone could show me how to set an angled cut on the table saw and how to make some sort of cut to create cross bars. New to woodshop however i’ve already made basic cuts for size jointed and plained my wood just would like some more instruction before messing with the table saw. Thank you.


What’s your timeline? When are you usually there?


I’m off work all day on Mondays and Wednesdays. Although I’m normally available most nights after 7pm as well.


I can make sure I am there one, possibly both, of those days (I try not to be there in the evenings if I can help it). I can’t commit to either day right now, though…Is semi-last minute notice, i.e. if I ping you morning of around 9ish, OK with you/your schedule?

Also, if you are able to solve our issues/get your stuff done via other means, no worries…


I could be available Tuesday evening, maybe Wednesday evening, either one. I’ve made stretcher bars for some canvas paintings myself so well familiar with the task. However, I’m not so good at the stretching the canvas part and affixing it to the frame. I just used a ton of staples for it but it’s not exactly taut like it should be. If you know how to do that part maybe you can teach me something as well.

Do you have the wood I assume? We’d only need a small amount of pine or whatever you have on hand.


There are canvas pliers in a drawer in CA that will help stretching canvas, and they look similar to this:



Welcome to the Makerspace Zach.
What size is your canvas going to be - width & length?


66" by 48". My plan is to have a center bar at 24" on the 48" side then divide in 66" into thirds with two other bars.


Wednesday evening would work best for me since I work Tuesday night. I have the wood already plained just need to split it cut the 15 degree angle and make cross bars.