Help on Sunday 6/7 at 1PM

Hi all,

I need a person or two to volunteer to help a small group of us move items from our old Ceramics area to the new area. You will be required to wear a mask and there will only be 5 of us total.

Volunteers from Meeting on 6/3: Monika T, April B, Steve B, Beth A

We will need mop the floors (construction dust), build shelving, and move several items i.e. shelving, cabinets, wheels.

Once i have the full list of volunteers I will send you my number so that we can connect to be let in the building.

Thanks, Monika


I would be willing to help out then. Any idea how long we would be there? Feel free to PM me with the details

I would be happy to help as well.

Given the limited number of people, and the large-ish scope of what we’re trying to accomplish, we could well be there until the evening. I mean, folks can certainly help for a couple of hours and leave when they’re tired, but I’m counting on being there until… um… 6pm at the earliest.

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I can also be there, either at 1, or if there is a second shift.

Thank you all for stepping up I’ll private message the group for Sunday.

If You don’t get a message the group is full for Sunday. Don’t worry, I’m sure that there will be plenty of opportunities in the future :grinning:


Of course I’m late to the game! Add me to the list if you need help moving stuff.

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We have a group set for Sunday, I’ll let you know if something changes or we set another day.