Help needed - Jigsaw

Hello! Is anyone available to help cut out a subfloor for my van conversion? I have a template that I’ll be tracing onto plywood and need to cut out using a jigsaw. I haven’t had any woodshop training yet so I’m not able to complete on my own. I’m available Sunday or Monday anytime!

My # is 360 224 6658
Thank you! :grin:

-Kate P

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Kate - you don’t need training to use the battery-operated jigsaws found in the work area near automotive.

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Oh thank you, I didn’t realize that! However, I still would benefit from some guidance if anyone has the time and patience to teach a newbie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Jigsaw is really easy, I’m new to the space so I’m not set up yet but I can show you if you still need help in a few days

Thanks, I was able to get it done today! Thank you to everyone who helped me out! :blush: