Help me make animal shelter blankets?


Thanks for the info. I’ll update :blush:


I’ll try to scope it out when I’m there tomorrow.
Thanks for the helpful tips!


The event is live now!

Who all is thinking you might be able to come? [I know we’re still a ways out.]



Me and my wife will be there. I’ll bring my sewing machine.


I can’t make it (going to be traveling that day), but I’d be happy to help if you still need some more made after the event. I took the Sewing 101 class a couple of weeks ago and would love an excuse to get some practice in on something worthwhile that doesn’t need to be perfect. And it would give me an excuse to be at the space so I could work on my own stuff afterward.


I’ve signed up. I’ll bring my own machine.


Thank you so much to everyone who came out to help. I’ll be making a separate post later, but I wanted to let everyone know how much I appreciate your help.
By my count, there were 6 of us there the whole time and another 5 who managed to squeeze in time to make a blanket between all their other meetings and classes. We made all 17 of the blankets that I had material for!!

This Friday around 5PM I’m going to be “presenting” the shelter with the blankets and putting them in all the kennels in the trailer in preparation for their Saturday offsite event. If anyone feels like driving all the way to McKinney to help me take pictures, you’re more than welcome. [I’ll be there all day, but the offsite lead has a day job, so she won’t be there until 5ish to let us in the trailer.]


Here are a few pictures I took. I didn’t take any of the completed pile though :frowning:


Dogs don’t care!!! @HankCowdog


Yay team work:) So glad you got all those cute blanket/beds made for the furr babies, good idea.


Indeed they don’t!


They are quite soft! Almost irresistible…


This is the type of project I would love to see DMS do more off

We need to use our special skills to help other local non profits

We can help in so many different ways, say a group needs a small number of T shirts for say volunteers If they could supply the T shirts we could print the design

We can save them money! and we can have fun doing it


I think it is a great project.

I hope it might be something we continue and add other like minded projects as opportunities occur.