Help me make animal shelter blankets?


I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me make blankets for the animal shelter I volunteer at. I have some very soft, fuzzy blankets [that are slippery and a bit of a pain to sew] that I’d like to turn into a set of blankets for our adoption trailer.

Each big blanket, when cut in two, is the perfect size. I’ve been folding them in two, sewing lines to make pouches, and stuffing them with a little old pillow stuffing…then sewing them closed.

This first photo is the actual bed. The others are similar examples that show better details of how they are sewn.

Anyone feel like making one or two? They don’t have to be identical, and they don’t have to be perfect. The dogs don’t care, and the public can’t see the details behind the plexiglass. I need a whole bunch of them. :slight_smile:


Giving our event blankets to the shelter Friday

I’m looking at 16 beds plus extras since they sometimes get eaten :smile:


I would be willing to help, I’m a novice at best :grinning:. Do you have a deadline to get them done?


Make it into an event. See who sees who will come help.

I am a novice with the sewing machines and would be willing to be part of a team. My straight seams are pretty good as long as I am not distracted (squirrel!!).

If I have the concept down correctly. 3 side and part of the 4th would be sewn inside out. Flipped right side out. Stuffed with animal safe padding then manually or machine have the last part of the seam sewn???

Easy peasy.

It would be a fun group project.

I know the sewing machines have been out for repairs. Do not plan anything until they get back.

Let me know when.


Definitely make it an event on the calendar. I’ve got two Makers in my house (who are not active on Talk) who are generally available day or night and would be willing to help with this. Sewing AND helping animals… you’ll get them every time!


All of the machines have been back for a month. Schedule away!


How many sewing machines are available?
And is there anything I should know or ask about creating this event? It’ll be my first one.

Also, are any times /dates good or bad for anyone? Looks like the room is pretty booked for the next couple of weeks.


The sewing machines can be taken to other rooms. Just roll the cabinet that holds them.


And you can ask folks to bring their own machines if they have one


You probably just need to find a slot for however many hours you need. As @Photomancer said you can take the machines into any of the classrooms available. I’d like to join in and I can even bring in my own machine to use. My wife would also like to help, although she’s never sewn before, but I can get her going.

Paging @Aneres who can speak to the machines available.


We have 9 home sewing machines. Two are still new in the boxes, so 7 are available to use, if you need the other two, you can take it out from the boxes, just please make sure you put it back in the boxes since we currently don’t have anywhere else to store them.

The machines do required training, they have to had taken Sewing 101 before they can use them.


Thank you for the info. I’m a new member, so there are a lot of things I don’t know yet.
I’m now signed up for the Sewing 101 class next week.

My sewing machines are in cabinets and too much of a hassle to transport. They’re also Singers, so I imagine there’s a lot to learn about y’all’s machines.

I will scope places/rooms where we can take the machines relatively conveniently since the room itself seems to be a very popular place.
Any recommendations?



How do y’all feel about Friday, Mar 15th? Evening sometime?

It looks like the room is completely open. Is there a reason for that?



If it’s open, you can book it.

I would recommend the Lecture hall or Interactive for space, but you will have the inconvenience of transporting the sewing machines and supplies from Creative Arts.


I’ve created my first event!! So exciting!

I’ve scheduled it for Friday, March 15th from 6:30-9:30. The page says it should be added to the calendar in 48hrs, so you should be able to access it on Wed.

I’ve scheduled it for the interactive classroom so we have more room to work. [I have a tendency to spread out.]

Feel free to bring your own machine.
The Makerspace has 7 machines, and I have no idea how many people will be able to come. There are a couple of Sewing 101 classes open between now and then, if you aren’t yet trained on the machines. This training is required before you can use them.
I don’t know what the thread situation is, so if you want to bring some, that’d be nice. The blanket material is plush, so you can’t really see the thread. Color doesn’t matter.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement!!


Did you mean April 12?


Thank you @Webdevel for catching my typo!
It’s Friday, Mar 15th.


Me and my wife will be there. I’ll bring my machine too.


Not to be Mr. Annoying, but please leave the new machines in the boxes. They are not meant to be used for general projects, and are meant to be guaranteed working backup machines for when the general population ones break. Using them when they are not needed defeats the entire purpose of having them set aside.


That’s because, while you can reserve it, it’s usually full of folks trying to do other things. I’ve never found it to be too much trouble to wheel the stuff into another room. I personally am fond of Purple for sewing classes/events.

David said that you can wheel the cabinet out. That’s not really true anymore. The last time they re-set the furniture, they made it nearly impossible to get the Sewing cabinet out of its spot. I usually take the Mail Cart from the Common Room, and load the machines and stuff onto it.