Help fund the expansion thru honorariums


Hello Friends,
Let me begin by saying please don’t believe all the negative things the legion of doom is spouting. In short however, the BoD did ask if we all can help in any fashion with funding.
A new Expansion quick book category has been created for funding. I am asking that all of our machine shop teachers dedicate their committee honorarium portion to the Expansion category for the next 3 months.
The committees will still be receiving their monthly stipend and we will still receive funds from my monthly HAAS class so the $200 or in honorariums won’t hurt us. We will be benefiting quite a bit from the expansion and I think it will be great if we can give something back.
I’m not asking that the teacher portion of the honorarium be donated but I know some of you donate that to the committee as well. If you want to donate that as well to expansion, then thank you.
Warmest Regards,

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