Help excercising the Evolution Cold Saw Interlock

I need some activity on this for testing through the first of February.

If you are in the machine shop, please run your badge over the reader (even if you are not authorized to use the cold saws) and drop me DM here if you do.


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It’s installed and interlocking. It has a contactor so it gives a satisfying thunk on success. There is also a green indicator on the saw stand. Stop by and see if your badge works. If it doesn’t, check your permissions for Machine Shop Cold Saws


What is proper protocol if we’re missing the permissions on our account? We reviewed use of the saw during the Bridgeport class (unless I’m mis-remembering and it was one of the other machine shop classes) and I have the code to the combo lock… but it doesn’t appear that I have access through the interlock. I don’t see it on my list and scanning my fob was unsuccessful.

Does this replace the old combo lock what was on it quite a while back?

(I haven’t tried to use it in a couple years….)

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PM me the combo & I will add you

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Yup, this replaces the lock.

Combo lock is still stored there. I’m leaving the switch in place for the moment as a fallback if something goes wrong.