Help Cutting Piece of 4x8 Plywood?

I need to cut a 20" x 53" piece out of a sheet of 4’ x 8’ 3/4" plywood that’s already in the wood shop. At this point, that’s the only thing I need to do for a while. Eventually, I’ll probably want to take the orientation so I can use the tools on my own. Would anyone be able to help me with this? Guessing a track saw or maybe table saw would do. (And at 68, it’s harder for me to wrestle a sheet this size on my own.) I’m available pretty much any time next few days. Thx

I would be happy to help you. I have a class tomorrow evening at 6:30pm, but I can meet you at 5:30pm and cut it for you.
I will also probably be there Thursday evening, if that works better for you.

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Thanks! I’ll be a bit busy tomorrow but will try to be in the wood shop tomorrow (Tuesday), at 5:30pm. BTW, my # is 206-422-4428 (I’m from Seattle).
Dave P.

Ok, I will do my best to be there by 5:30pm.
My phone in 817-899-7129.