Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machines Auction Closing April 11th 2024

Closing April 11th

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That’s an impressive haul.
All of those adlers are great for leather

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Hey @AmeliaG! Is there any chance we can connect this weekend about these and what good bids are for them for Launchpad? Curious about the capabilities of them — and there are SO many!

TLDR: you might think about one machine for your Makerspace, but there are not beginner friendly machines, and hey were tooled to do only one thing, and they may be dangerous for a child to operate.

There are two main types of machines there.
The drukopp-Adlers are for heavy leather, similar to our Thor Machine.
The Juki’s are also for heavy canvas and light leather.

Some thoughts:
These were for production sewing. They did one thing all day and aren’t very flexible in their usage.

These all have computer controllers- which are a learning curve.

They also seem to have been used heavily. While there are two stores in town that fix these machines, know that they will probably need a $200 maintenance right out of the box. And that’s if they don’t have any broken parts.

You can request an operator lesson from the industrial sewing stores- to teach your sewing teacher how to use the machine. This lesson would also cost another $200. There aren’t usually many YouTube videos on Juki machines as they want money for the training.

Finally you will want to see how slowly these machines can go. Our Thor’s max speed can be lowered to 500spm. But some industrial’s speed cannot be lowered that much. I wouldn’t put a kid on a 2-3000 spm machine.

Re: availability:
I will have our if town guests in for the eclipse and will not be free until midweek next week.

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Needle through the finger … It’s a real thing and they can actually go through the bone. Many industrial sewing machines have enough clearance to get your finger in there. If you decide to pursue this, you might want to see if any of them have a finger guard on there. I didn’t see any, but I only gave a cursory glance.

BTW, I don’t know if you noticed, but all of those run on 220V.

Thanks for the feedback. Happy eclipsing!

@John_Marlow - we’ll have three phase power

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Do you know what 3 phase you will have? There is 208,230volt, 480 and very rarely 575 volt.

Just wanted to make sure you were knowing what’s available vs items you may purchase.

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These are almost certainly single phase, not three. If you have 220/230V power they’d work, but these are beasts and not something I’d turn the most responsible kid loose on.