Heat press recommendations?

Anyone have suggestions for best 16x20 heat press, clam shell, 120 volt? Budget is under $1,000.

For a 16" x 20" under $1,000 you are probably going to have to go with a used press. I don’t know of a 16" x 20" that is less than $1,200 new.

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Trash quality?

I haven’t used the Siser heat presses, but I know they don’t manufacture them, so they are probably Chinese imports, and they used a Stahls heat press at the last trade show I attended.

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Yeah…Stahl’s or George Knight are the way to go for a heat press. Made in the good old US of A, baby!! Stahl’s does make a press geared more to the crafter…however, it’s only 9"x12" and pepto-pink! https://www.stahls.com/craft-heat-press I have a 16x20 Hotronix press, is there something I can press for you?

You can get a demo deal at ISS in Fort Worth in August or the Print United Show in Dallas (trade shows)…they usually knock a $100-200 off the price if you’re not in a hurry and really wanting to buy.

Oops…meant that reply for you, Paul…

It’s all good. We’re looking to buy mainly to heat set the printed photos or fabric on our coasters. We don’t do HTV t-shirts or anything like that.

Stahl’s actually has a facility here in Dallas/Irving where they can demo machines for you there and do training to see if you think it would be worth the investment - they do run promos and sales, too like Black Friday and such.

Save your money - I’ve worked on everything from the nicest Stahls Dual Air Fusion to no name eBay presses, and the best value I’ve found has been with Sunie - runs about $300 for a 16x20 and it’s a tank. I’ve run mine 12 hours a day for 6 years and it just won’t die.


If you have to have auto open, the DK20 from Geo Knight is pretty good too, and they’re easy to find used.

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Thanks for the suggestion. We were probably getting the Sister, but will reconsider…

Buyer beware. It is advertised as 16" x 20" but it actually a bit under that: 400mm x 500mm (15.75" x 19.69"). If like me you need the full 16" x 20", you won’t get it from the Sunie press, but it does look like a great price for the size.

Nah, we’re mainly (95%+) just gonna use it to heat set the glue on our tiles, and that slightly smaller platen size is fine.

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Thanks for the heads up, just ordered the Sunie.