Heat Press Help


I was wondering if anyone would be able to show me how to use the heat press so I can start messing around with it. Would anyone be available to do so?


  • Paden

Do you mean the Dye Sub heat press? I’m unsure why this is in the Leatherworking category?

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That heat press is used for heat transfer vinyl as well.

@Paden199 to use:
Adjust pressure according to material & need. Light to very firm. Adjust with big knob.

To check pressure, Insert material, lower press. Release and adjust. Best before heat is on.

Controls: one button toggles temp:time: ready.
Toggle to time. Up/down adjust
Toggle to temp. Up/down adjust
Toggle to ready.
Press start.
Temp will scale up (might be in Celsius or Farenheit)
Pull down to press. Timer and alarm will start.

** Above may vary, as this is from memory and not at machine

I’ll also add to John, that it’s best practice to have a piece of non waxed paper below and on top, so that the press does not get dirty and messed up.

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Rolls of paper are usually available in creative arts. Currently on the far wall

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There was actually a roll over near the heat press last week when I looked. The stuff over near the window in CA was the waxed paper.

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So does this mean, using your instructions, I can use the heat press and don’t need training or will I still need training from someone?

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@Paden1993 what is it you would like to be able to do?

The large heat press does not technically require training. It’s use is simply heating it up to the desired temperature, which takes a solid 20-40 minutes, setting the pressure, and then making sure you have butcher paper above and below so nothing sticks to the heating element.

If you want to use it for Heat Transfer Vinyl, like for making shirts, the Vinyl Cutter does require training. We can give you better information if you let us know what you want to do.

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Oh, most machines in that room say they need training to use. John has already trained me on the vinyl cutter so I should be good with that then. I just wanted to use the heat press to do T-Shirts like you said.


Got it. These are my personal notes I use when using the press for T-shirts.

Image Setup

  • Create a vector image that can be cut on the Titan or Cricut.
  • Reverse the image.
  • Make sure to cut the Matte side, not the Shiny side. The Shiny side is the transfer plastic.
  • Weeding this is much easier than regular vinyl.
    • Titan settings for easyweed heat transfer vinyl
    • 300mm/s
    • 154g force

Heat Press Setup

  • 375 Degress for 20 seconds.
  • It takes a long time to heat up, so turn it on before you start cutting the vinyl.
  • Use Butcher paper to protect the heat press from the plastic transfer.
  • Multiple colors can be done pressed one at a time
  • Transfer plastic can be rearranged easily on the fabric.
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