Have you tried ArtResin for casting? Is it any good?

On its website, ArtResin says it’s passed safety tests for low VOC, is non-toxic and food safe.

Have you tried it? I’m a fan of non-toxic materials, but only if they’re good.

I plan to use it on the lathe (the site says you can do that) and for other projects.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience with it.

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I have turned ArtResin, East coast bartop resin, and Alumilite for woodworking. The east coast has thickness limits for pouring but turns well, the alumilite is my go to and turns great, and the ArtResin was “gummy” if that makes sense. It can certainly be turned, and has some advantages to the other 2 resins, but was my least favorite to turn. Hope that helps a little.


Thanks, @Lordrook, it does make sense. Do you know of any other resins that are considered food safe?

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Not off the top of my head, but those 3 above are all food safe once cured. For finished drinking vessels I tend to use the East Coast most often. Its also the cheapest by volume.


I keep eyballing Art and Glow resin but not for turning. Eventually I’ll take the leap and make a purchase of something…

is glow resin a brand? I generally just add strontium aluminate powder to my resins for glow effects.

They sell pigments and stuff too but this is another low VOC resin that I’ve read is good for casting things like dice :smiley:
Eventually I’ll get around to 3D printing a master die and then get some silicone to get the ball rolling but at the moment I’m doing a lot of window shopping.

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well only if its a D100!

Seriously though if you try that resin out please report back. I’m always interested in hearing how a new resin turns out.

I can do that!

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Art n Glow is a local company in Plano but they don’t have a store front. Ironically you will get it quicker ordering off Amazon than direct from them. Their glow pigments are what got them started and are really great (that vial of white glow pigments I left you a while back is from there).

Their resin is much like Art Resin in that it is designed for art coats. It works well for small stuff and resin art pours as it has a long open time. I tried some dice with it and have used it in fractal burn inlays and resin art. I have not tried to turn it though as I just stick with Alumilite for that (which Woodcraft now sells FYI).