Have a box of random electrics/cords to donate

Was told Art was the current chair but I have recently joined MS and have a bunch of wires, some tools, and other odds and ends to see if the electronic dept wants to paruse through.

Let me know what I’d need to do to get them to you.

@artg_dms 1234567890

Either the active chair, or board/ officers are the only ones that are allowed to accept donations to the space generally.

Thanks for reaching out to us. I’m recovering from some minor eye surgery and not sure next time I’m in. Will have better idea after Fri. You can bring the box in and someone can go through it. What we don’t need may be of interest to other committees. What’s left over can go to the upcoming auction.


Okay sounds good. I’ll be in today and can bring it over to the area.

Put the box in electronics and labeled.

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