Has Johnson Plastics changed?


Before Johnson Plastics changed, I dropped in a couple of times to pick up items. I just turned in an order for seven items and some will be shipped Arizona and Georgia for $14.00. I had assumed that most items were available locally.

Is there another local supplier of acrylic and laserable items locally with better inventory?


Allied Plastic,

You want the Dallas location, not the Carrollton location. The Carrollton location isn’t the warehouse with the plastic.


Minimum order $30 I think but pretty much any order will be that.


They put a minimum order on you @tomthm. I’m sorry to hear that. It seems this is a practice that isn’t enforced on all accounts or possibly in different scenarios as I have made smaller purchases than $30 there. I know they don’t like to sell a partial or cut off, unless your making a larger order.


I had the same experience as @tomthm. Repeatedly.


The last time I went to Johnson Plastics, October I think, they were in the middle of a build-out of their new location, and were still building up their local inventory, as space allowed.


I have never had a good experience with johnson plastic. they never have anything I need and whenever I do get stuff its dirty or there’s no one there to pick it up, etc. Or, I go to pick it up only to find out they don’t have it.

I hope their new build out will allow them to provide better customer service. I’ve been buying from regal plastics lately and they’ll beat johnson’s prices and do the cutting for you if needed. They’re located closer to the airport, but still in carrollton.

johnson has more especially stuff, regal for sheet plastic.

Eddie Watson [email protected] is my rep.


With Johnson’s, I call the 800 number for local pickup. They should know what stock is on hand.

Johnson’s was bought by Rowmark. It is a nation wide operation. Rowmark also bought LaserBits.


@talkers The online order process was interesting. With me not initially knowing descriptions or SKUs, the search function seemed to throw up an assortment which cloaked the best choices. As I put items in the cart, there was not an indication that I saw of whether it was in stock locally. When I was checking out the list showed that products could be shipped from three states. Carrollton showed a shipping charge of $14.00 and others were “included.” For each set, there was a good list of delivery times and costs plus local pick up. I changed Carrollton to pick up and the charge was still $14 which seems to be the minimum.

Next time I’ll take your advice and just call it in.

A good point is that on the site you can request a hard copy catalog. I’ve glanced through the one in the laser area and thought it would be nice to have one to leisurely look through the thousands of products to get project ideas.

Thanks to those above who mentioned their favorite local supplier.