Has anyone tried this filament - tricolor color changing

I’m just thinking about some sort of wearable ornamental item that would show how high someones body temp. It’s a conceptual idea over something that would be practical but I’m still interested in playing with the idea.

Anyways, my question is…has anyone used anything like this before…and if so is it a gradation between the colors OR a distinctive…cold, warm, hot indicator. Does that make sense?

I saw lots of color chaining filaments on amazon but this one seemed to be the only one I found that ranged in the body temp zone.


It would be fun to play around with for sure.

Could be useful for kitchen gadgets - green is ok to grab, brown is maybe maybe maybe, yellow is feeling hot hot hot! Ok so 45 degrees isn’t quite hot, but that song was just on my SONOS.

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Sounds like it’s like the old mood rings – your body temp just gives you one color. Might get a smidgen of shading depending on thickness, but it doesn’t sound like it’d be overly graduated.


I have some 2 color chanting filament i use sometimes when I teach the basics class, it pretty cool, yellow to green

That stuff looks awesome! Has anyone seen an ABS version?

Ok bought some. I’ll poke at it and see what I can do. I’m not sure it’s all sorts of glitter and dreams but I like the idea behind it.

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It’s neat stuff but the temperate range to make it change colors fully is beyond body temperature.

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I wonder if there’s a limit to the number of color-change cycles.

Unlike the mood rings of the past yellow=you’re dead
It’s the mid-orange values I’m interested in. As its printing it SEEMS like it might be able to be subtle between the changes in that orange range like se in the cracks of this guy like mid-tones Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 6.48.57 PM
but as it get’s blasted with the hairdryer it seems like it’s a one trick pony. I don’t think this will work quite like I hope it will but still it will be a fun little somethin to mess with.

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Maybe you could just tape “mood rulers” the your headgear.

My normal temp is 97.4, so my mood devices were always black.

I would rather have little pencil launching missile things on the side of mine. You wanna know how I’m feeling kid, ping…this pencil get’s launched past them.
We need to make you this whole cool shifting jewelry/wrist armor

Or color shifting mod nap masks


I have filament called Filablend, it’s three colors of filament blended into one filament. Since the cross section of the filament is 1/3rd of each color, when it’s extruded in different directions it makes a cool transition effect.

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