Handheld Plasma Cutter

Hey everyone I finally got a plasma cutter from work for the spaxe. I know the one we had was down for some time, is there any reason I to keep the inlet in the old one?


Not sure what the inlet means.

The problem with the big plasma is consumable cost, we went through about $150 in parts in just a few weeks, so after that it was bring your own consumables and Im not sure if anyone has done that yet in roughly a year. We had I think 40 amp tip and electrode and it must have been run at 120 amps because everything melted in the gun.

So we need a training required sign, a list of consumables, and don’t put any consumables in it, it will be bring your own.

Could we mount it on a shelf on the right end of the plasma table or wall above the power and air?

It should be really handy for cutting up the scrap material.

Thanks for getting the donation.

Sorry the inlet is for the compressed air, I saw one in the old one, if it’s still not operable then I can look to see if it’ll fit the new one.

We have more of the male hose fittings, maybe in teachers cabinet or in the compressor roomnon left wall

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These are some sculptures I made with my handheld plasma at home that couldn’t have been made on the CNC.

The bird is from a gas can.
Beetle and tiles on table are from different types of refrigerant bottles.
Fairy House is galvanized, I was outside so no big deal to cut it.
Chairs wouldn’t fit under plasma gantry.
Cactus could be made on CNC but it was one of the first things I made when learning to hand cut and they were cut from small pieces rather than a big sheet

There was a very narrow burned paint strip along the edge and I used a wire wheel to remove that and the dross so it leaves a pretty consistant edge on painted parts.

I used hyrdrochloric acid on the fairy house to burn off some of the galvanized coating to age it quicker.

The beetle had probably 500 hand punched reflective stickers on it, can’t find the finished photo, it also had a giant pushpin to mount it on a wall. Table, Bird, Beetle were donated to Art Conspiracy, they had an auction each year and raised money for local art groups, shut down I think last year.

Found another photo showing closeup of cut painted part.


Is this running on 120 or 220V? Thx.

It can do either.

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Well I got it going and hooked up. Even made a project with it tonight. I’ll come up with some sort of authorization class for it soon.


Cool project!

Given where it’s used in the shop, were you plugged into 110, or 220?

I used 220, like I mentioned before it can do both but the 220 is definitely more convenient. The kit came with pig tails to do 110 though.

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