Hand embroidery interest check

Hand embroidery is a nice way customize an already finished piece of clothing. Hand embroidery lays flatter and creates a softer fabric than machine embroidery and can be used in specialized applications like quilting, and lays flat enough to be pressed into a pin back button or custom cufflinks or apparel buttons. It can also be used to strengthen weak or soft fabric, and can be used on fabrics that are too fine for a machine or projects too small. You can also take it home and frame it.

this would be more free form than cross stitch but I’ve included some pics of cross stitch canvas SASHIKO bookmarks for the interest check

project ideas: beginners

  • sampler for framing with around 5 beginner stitches, like seed stitch, star stitch, chain, French knot, whipped and woven running stitches
  • a simple thread painting of a feather, sun or floral scene :peacock::sunny::white_flower:
  • bookmarks

project ideas intermediate:

  • a fun phrase like ‘this place isn’t a zoo, it’s a circus’
  • patches that can be ironed on to anything
  • pin back buttons
  • trading card sized
  • bring your own hat or jacket and we will put some decorative stiches on it. a non-stretch fabric is best but I happen to have the interfacing for knit fabrics lol
  • glow in the dark thread that can be used to make little ghosts or eyes for spooky season :ghost:
  • pride flag patches with texture :rainbow_flag:
  • dream catcher but it’s on fabric

I would probably need to charge no more than $5 for this class or make it utterly free if you turn back in your hoop at the end, but if someone brings their own hoop and thread I’ll wave it lol

let me know your thoughts. I am also available on discord as Snager


I would be interested in hand embroidery. I’ve done cross stitch for ages so I know a little, but I don’t know the stitches you listed in the sampler. So I’ll need a beginner class of some sort to get going.

Oh I’d love to do some hand embroidery - I’m used to cross stitch but I have been wanting to learn some decorative hand stitches. Love the idea of iron on or pinback patches!

@Polyphonic so would you want to learn by making a sampler, first, or jump right in with a patch or button design?

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A sampler would be neat! It’d be a good way to get a feel for the kinds of stitches you can do