HAAS Vise model? (F360)

Is there a Fusion360 model for the Kurt vise?


I note (with some glee!) that Fusion 360 has models for the Sherline vise and mill table, plus the HAAS VF2 table. However, it doesn’t appear have a model for the Kurt vise, at least not by that name.

The “generic vise” model looks suspiciously like a Kurt, but since I don’t have the Kurt measurements handy I can’t confirm. What model do y’all use when CAM’ing the HAAS/Kurt combination? Thanks.

EDIT: I should have also asked which specific Kurt vise we have on the HAAS. I couldn’t find that info.


You can import a file from Kurt.

Thanks. I was trying to do that when I realized I didn’t know what specific Kurt vise we have (on the HAAS).

It’s a dx688 it’s been replaced by a dx6

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FYI, I model the actual soft jaws instead of the vise itself. This allows me to CAM the soft jaws and the part itself easily.

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I know that’s also what we do for the domino, but I’m still way early on the learning curve so I’m trying to learn as much as possible.

FWIW, I added the info to the HAAS wiki page, complete with link:

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