HAAS - troubleshooting the oil spill / slick

I pulled the coolant tray this morning in hopes the more recent oil puddles were from splash due to a full strainer / ripples / settling tank. It was pretty full so……maybe……

Emptied the metal an wiped the edges off….could have been the culprit. It had the splatter of a high school locker room toilet. About 1/4” of sludge on all horizontal surfaces.

I used simple green, the squeegee, and a mop to give the floor under the tool a good cleaning……we will see how it goes.



Way to go!

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Thank you very much.

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Thanks Thomas for taking care of it. The sludge on the horizontal surface is probably just de-watered coolant. It tends to have an amber/dark amber hue to it. Kinda like fresh car oil.

Guess it would help if we cleaned the weirs more often.

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