Haas Cutting Fluid cycling through?

Honestly not even sure if it is the cutting fluid, but the Haas appears to be cycling fluid. The machine is mostly covered in plastic and is definitely not in use.

I don’t ever remember running across the Haas doing this while passing by the machine.

I’m guessing this is expected and from my side just a case of “I hear running water when I wasn’t expecting to hear running water.”

Providing it’s staying inside the HAAS, the coolant circulation is normal and required to keep the bugs out.

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And to build on what @malcolmputer says, it usually sounds like running/trickling water in that area.

Definitely was staying inside. Did not see any discernable leaks.

It did SOUND like trickling water from the jewelry area. But it definitely wasn’t trickling.

Glad to hear this is normal behavior.