HAAS coolant topped off but the concentration WAS NOT checked

I was in on Sunday for minutes……I filled up the coolant….it was WAY low. Took 2 full grey buckets of water to fill it. I didn’t check the concentration as I just filled it and thought the measurements would be off.

So if you plan on using it I’d check the coolant concentration prior to cutting.

What’s the procedure to check the coolant concentration? I might use it on Wednesday/Thursday

Have you used a Refractometer before?

It was 9 I added a splash. Was the unit clean when you checked it? It was a mess when I checked.

@procterc thanks for checking it. How are you doing these days?

It was not cleaned.   I didn’t bitch and moan because I thought Nick was going to come back on Sunday to finish up his jaw work.  I also noted the Al cold saw wasn’t cleaned.  I believe he’s working on stuff for the mastercam domino class.   I think.

haha, no idea what/where that is. ELI5, please?

got held up and then the day was over. Planning on spending the day Thursday finishing up. I really not expecting anyone to do work before then. I too added 1 bucket of water on Saturday so it would be sucking chips. So in total it was 3 low.

Not too difficult. You put a few drops of the fluid on the meter. You then look through the lens & determine the number. You take that number & use the multiplier of 1.2 to get the level of concentration. Not too much to it. The recommended range is 4-10. We tend to run closer to 10. IIRC, with it that high, the PH keeps at a better level.


@TBJK @Simpl
I’ve been keeping the reading on the refractometer around 10 brix +/- 1. If it’s 11 I don’t cry.

It is in a brown plastic case in one of the bottom drawers in the HAAS tool chest. It is cylindrical and about the diameter of an old “d” size battery flashlight and about 6-8 inches long.

Watch some you tube videos on using a refractometer….my sparse instructions will make sense in conjunction with most videos.

  1. remove the refractometer from its case then remove the black stirring stick from the bottom of the refractometer
  2. dip the stirring stick into the coolant in the chip trough of the HAAS
  3. lift the opaque flap of the refractometer on the side opposite to the eyepiece.
  4. touch the stirring rod to the exposed glass; placing coolant on the glass
  5. close the opaque flap sandwiching the coolant between the glass and opaque flap
  6. with the flap oriented upward towards a bright’ish light look through the eyepiece and note where the horizontal line falls related to the graduations
  7. open the opaque flap
  8. wipe off the coolant from the underside of the flap and the glass surface with a soft cloth
  9. close the opaque flap
  10. wipe off the stirring stick with a paper towel
  11. return the black stirring stick to its clips on the refractometer
  12. put the refractometer back in its case
  13. put the refractometer in the drawer, where you found it
  14. let the HAAS distribution know what the reading was on talk

If this is inline with your normal process please give your nod of approval. If not please let me know the error of my ways. I likely should incorporate a put a few drops on the glass, then wipe it away, then put a few more drops and then measure….just to keep the old residue from contaminating the new measurement.


Sweet. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll keep an eye on it after topping off as well the next time I see the coolant levels low.

the flap is transparent, otherwise perfect.

Dam! Thought I remembered it as frosted. So close.

I took the liberty of creating a page for this on Source.


It could use some pictures and such but at least the place holder is there.


Thanks dude @TJSmith

Thank you very much. I’m learning about the new Jira and confluence system. I talked to Evan about liking Confluence and Jira, as when. I tried it said that the system was not configured to permit it. Evan said it could be enabled. Has it?
I would like to link your page to create a service protocol for the HAAS.

I agree that I’m still finding things that are not fully enabled or connected.

I’d be happy to sit down 1:1 in front of a computer together and make sure everything is enabled for you. (or at least identify what needs to be enabled)

When would be a good day/time? I’m normally flexible in the evenings after 5pm.

the haas has been washed out. I left the tools for the domino in the tool changer. I’ll likely be in Saturday to run a final test of the domino after I change a few speeds and feeds. Feel free to remove those tools if you need the machine, just leave them where we can find them. The 1/8" chamfer mill is the only one we got.

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2 or 4 flute? I likely have a few in my truck. If you need one lemme know. I think mine are 2 flute….I think.


It is 2 flute.

I am retired with a clear calendar and am available at your convenience. I raised the issue of using JIRA and Confluence in the Machine shop and it was not opposed. @jphelps has asked @Evan_Lott to create a JIRA project for the Machine Shop. Initially to facilitate the manufacture of a Shakey poo cover but also to facilitate maintenance and repair.
The interaction with the system that I have so far had suggests linking Confluence with JIRA is a systemic issue rather than a personal access issue. I wasn’t told that i needed admin access but that the system was not configured to do that.