HAAS CNC Lathe - UTD Auction - SOLD $9,575.00


Will do, but given the bureaucratic nature of UT Dallas I would not have high hopes.


I don’t think they are too bad. I’ve dealt with much worse


Im in for 100


I’m in for $100 too


I would expect this lathe sell for ~$25k

So far we have ~$1500 people can chip in.


I think the issue of purchasing a CNC Lathe was well discussed at the last committee meeting.

A VERY SIGNIFICANT obstacle was brought up: No said they were qualified to teach CNC programing let alone volunteer to do so.

Tooling for CNC lathes: anyone looked up what the basic collets, cutters, software, etc. will be required and the cost? What willing rhe rigging and delivery cost be just to get it here?

Until we relocate and fit-out our new space, I think it would be prudent to may until we see where we are on funds. We can plan and reserve space for CNC as part of our 2-3-5 year planning.


This is an interesting aspect; how does one learn to ride a bike if no-one else around has ridden a bike?

What’s wrong with learning through reading and watching training videos? Get a core of users who want to learn how to run it and teach others, and then go forward from there.


I can teach the class!


Me me me! I miss my lathes at my last job. I’d love to lead this


I would give this a whole bunch of likes if I could!!

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FWIW - I spoke with the person listed in the ad. This is what he told me over the phone:
It is a 2012 Model. It has hand wheels, so it can be used as a manual or CNC lathe - see video below.
It was up & running without issues very recently (e.g. until they moved it into storage for the auction).
It weighs 6,000-lbs.
One person who viewed the lathe said it has a complete set of tools with it. (Theres a steady rest shown in one of the photos.)

With the above info and the fact that the large lathe we own now was purchased as a placeholder, I’ll throw in $2,000 for this lathe.

Now the primary obstacle is that I’m not signed up as bidder with them and I just read it takes 2 days to get approval. Any here already set up as an approved bidder with them? Please pm me if you are.

Anyone else willing to contribute or raise your level?
I’m out of the country right now, but you contact me quickly via david.(my last name) at Halliburton dot…

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Current Bid $1,825.00 USD
Time Left 2 Hours 7 Minutes
Ends 12/05/2018 09:53 AM CT
Note: This auction might extend



I’m in for $50.


I’m good for $250


It’s at 5100 now. I’ll put in 200.


I just sent a PM to @David_Steele, he can use my Bidders ID number if he still needs it.


I’ll up my contribution to $200.


Who is doing the bidding for DMS? I have seen a lot of potential contributions, but no one has said that they are doing the bidding for DMS. Time is running short on the auction.


does it matter? it’s up to 8k


Auction is over, SOLD for $9,575.00