HAAS CNC Lathe - UTD Auction - SOLD $9,575.00


UTD in Richardson is auctioning off a HAAS CNC Lathe. Auction ends 12/05, current bid is $1,775.00.


Auction Site: https://www.lsoauctions.com/details.cfm?itemnum=1074492764

HAAS Lathe 1
HAAS Lathe 2
HAAS Lathe 3

Any interest?


I’m good for a hundred.


100 from me


Interest here, but will wait to hear from both Chairs on their position (i.e. if there is room for it, if the committee will pay for storage until there’s room and if they will offer matching funds) before I commit my $$ this time.

I would like to suggest we create a 3-year and 5-year plan; such as purchase a CNC lathe by 2022 and a replacement for the HAAS Mill by 2024.

Thanks for posting Rich.



$100 here assuming @nicksilva or whichever area chair is cool with it.


I’m in for $100 as well also with chair approval.


I’m down for $250


I’ll go in for $100


Does it work?.. It is being sold “As Is” so there is no guarantee it actually works. We required a test piece and verification when we bought the Haas Mill so are we taking the chance that this actually works? I’d also like to hear from the comitee chairs.


we talked about this at the last committee meeting. want to donate towards a lathe - start a go fund me page. that way people can actually put up money.
BUT - as we went over. people are hot to trot over getting a cnc lathe. HOW MANY have actually programmed, set-up and run a cnc lathe. (besides me) exactly zero raised their hands. So even if we get one, it would be 6 months while a class is developed. and i don’t want anyone who donates thinking they get any preferential treatment or have any type of ownership. A donation is exactly that. Cost wise - machine shop (and more departments) are taking a new view on purchases - assuming something costs $5000 that’s 50-100 classes that must be taught to pay for it. my reply to purchase of new equipment will always be “what are YOU willing to do to help us achieve that financial goal”. In the case of those willing to donate - I thank you and the question is answered. For those that contribute nothing in terms of teaching, helping, donating - you have your answer too. Quid Pro Quo.

We are responsible for replacing our consumables which we just did to the tune of $1k which is twice what our monthly stipend is. I’m getting ready to replace more needed items. Want new equipment - bring it to the next committee meeting but be ready to plead your case and make commitments.

@Team_Ceramics and @matthshooter are my role models for committing to teach enough classes to pay for the kilns and Thor sewing machine. you guys can become heroes too.


I would hope that those who donated got the first crack at training classes. That seems more than fair.

We are all aware that there is no personal ownership of DMS assets.


I have not. I have my own computer controlled gear and my desire is to learn so I can learn how to use my own gear properly. There is no preferential treatment expected or desired and ownership 100% belongs to DMS. I don’t care if you do or don’t put a plaque up or do or don’t list names on the wiki, I would smile knowing I helped to bring a nice piece of gear to DMS.

I want to learn how to use it to learn how to make custom aluminum, brass, and steel parts for the pinball and arcade scene. I’m having to learn a type of CAD and how to translate that down to proper machine code to run.

If folks want to do it as a Go Fund Me page then I’ll put some additional money up and raise my $ from 250 to 400.


Yes that is a good plan.


Asked around, word is that the lathe is in good condition and fully functional.

Edit: I can do $250


I’m in for a Hondo.


If this is still a possibility - I’m good for $100


Yep I’m in for $100…
Tim…I know you are in…


This auction reminds me that I should talk to my customers about donations.


If you have contacts at UTD, perhaps they have other machinery that could be donated to DMS versus going up for auction. Suggest you check your sources.


Thanks for doing that !