HAAS Class Request

Anyone willing to teach a HAAS class @Team_Machine_Shop?

I’m very familiar with CAD (Fusion 360 & Blender) and have the basics of CAM (Fusion 360) down including setting speeds and feeds depending on the material, types of toolpaths for roughing and finishing operations, running simulation to check for collisions, etc…


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Are you signed off on the Bridgeport? That’s a requirement for taking the class.


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Wonderful! The next step is for the Machine Shop to discuss how we’re going to proceed on our CAD/CAM requirements for running the HAAS and then you’ll be first in line for a class.


Some background on this: This past year Autodesk significantly restricted the free/personal use/startup version of Fusion360, to the point where using it for the Haas is fairly inefficient. (for example, no rapids are in the free version anymore). Fusion’s license and feature sets have been changing on a regular basis, and thus we’re concerned that even if we bought a couple seats that within a year it changes again or we have to pay even more.

We’re currently evaluating things like MasterCAM with perpetual license seats.


Count me in for this class as well, as soon as it becomes available!

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Same here. I’m in

So – it’ll be a while. Machine Shop is asking to buy some licenses from MasterCam, because they’ll be ours in perpetuity. Not cheap, so we’re asking whoever we need to ask. Once we get those, then @malcolmputer is going to work up a class. None of these steps will be quick.

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I’d be in, too.

It looks like @PierreA and I are both in the same situation with subscription copies of Fusion 360. Is there some way we can work our way through the prior Fusion-related curricula to get going?

I would say yes. We keep saying we don’t care what you use and since you have your own subscription to f360 why not make use of it. The old file is still online