Guys -- patterns -- suits/blazers


Well, I was all set to tell those of you looking for suit patterns that I’d found half a solution, but it turns out that JoAnn’s sale on McCall patterns expired yesterday. The sale for the next couple of days is $1.99 for Butterick patterns, but the search feature for patterns seems to be full of suckage. I mean, I couldn’t get the McCall’s patterns I BOUGHT to show up in the search on the website.

So – I’ve purchased McCall’s M7818 (Unisex blazer) in both “sizes” – XN (XL-XXXL) and XM (Sml - Lg). That’s a single button blazer. I also purchased a vest pattern McCall’s 4321 in both “sizes” which gives a couple of different button options. McCall’s didn’t have a dress pant pattern.

I’m thinking of a class sometime in June. If you’re interested, let me know your availability.



Is the best pattern a fitted vest or a loose vest? I would be interested in a class with a loose unfitted fast that comes to like the knees.



As you might be able to tell from the title, this is more about helping the guys make suit coats/blazers. The vest pattern is to give some options in buttoning. So, this is very much fitted.

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I might have to still think about it. Claude picked out the fabric several years ago he wanted a vest made for him out of. It was Christmas fabric I don’t know where he intended to wear it at the time but I still have the fabric. I’ll have to think about it however I will leave the space for the people who are really interested in doing something useful rather than just making my hubby a vest he has no place to wear.