Gulfstream Air Donations


I’m going to go pick up everything on Friday, but will NOT be bringing anything to DMS.


I texted Leanne to pick up some items! Still waiting on a response.

I think should be an all or nothing. It would be lovely if you would pick it all up, and bring the things you don’t want to DMS.

I’m in the Common Room most afternoons and evenings. While I’ll be here but busy Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon, I’ll be available to handle stuff in the evenings.

I don’t mind picking all the stuff up and bringing it to the space if…

  1. It will all fit in the back of my 4Runner.
  2. A couple people are willing to help unload it from my car at DMS.
  3. We have somewhere at DMS to unload it.

If all 3 requirements can be met, I’ll contact her and try to set up a time/date.


I will be happy to help unload. Afternoon or evenings are my best times.

I will work out a place to unload it for the short term until it’s gone.

I hate to be ungrateful, but please don’t add more stuff to the stuff in Creative Arts.

I just devoted many hours and a lot of driving to downsize the accumulation of generosity of the past couple of months.

I am done being the wrangler of donations for the time being.

My plan is for us to keep nothing. Temporary housing only, and then Out The Door.

Just a reminder, please be cognizant of the following BEFORE anything is accepted or shows up to DMS.


  1. Donations of items intended to be used or consumed by the DMS
  2. Must be explicitly accepted by the committee chairperson in whose area the items are to be stored or used
  3. The Treasurer may reject donations at their discretion
  4. Donations not explicitly accepted by a committee will not be accepted by DMS; if the donor delivers them to DMS without explicit acceptance they will be disposed of as the Logistics committee sees fit
  5. Donations of motor vehicles must have written approval of 3 board members



I would happily help unload! I have a two-seater hatchback so I definitely wouldn’t be able to take it all

I never knew where it came from, but grabbed some of the veneer last year. Now I can thank the person who did. I’m not in the area any more so can help pick anything up, but wanted to say thanks for making this possible.

I don’t think DMS wants the donations so I just talked to Leanne. I’m going to pick up EVERYTHING Friday, but I’m not going to bring anything to DMS. I’ll go get the donations and find somewhere else to take them and I’m really sorry DMS has no need for them. Perhaps another makerspace would be more accepting.

I don’t want them unloaded and then thrown in the dumpster. I won’t be offering any donations from Gulfstream again per the donation rules.

I hope everyone realizes this is the lady that helped us raise $1200 for the leather sig and countless makers make things including leather book covers, lasered veneers, and various hardwood projects. This took a considerable amount of effort on the part of myself and Mike Churchill to sell all of the leather hides. They were very well accepted. I assure you that I won’t be assisting DMS in raising any more money.

In the past I’ve brought some beautiful hardwoods from Leanne which were used for a box making class in wood shop. In general, she’s been incredibly generous. Unfortunately, this generous resource is no longer available.


I’m sorry you feel that way. We have always been incredibly grateful for the numerous donations that both you and Mr. Churchill have made, both through materials and cash proceeds from your massive leather sale.

But we’re saturated in Leatherworking - honestly, over saturated. @jrkriehn was a godsend in thinning down the massive overstock of materials we had, but somehow the leather area is more cramped now than it was pre-move and it’s because of the boxes of samples we currently have.

I will admit that it’s a little demoralizing to have multiple people make pointed comments about our overflow into the north workspace, then have more pointed comments thrown at us by other people because we reached a point where we cannot physically handle these donations.

I hope you do find someplace that will enjoy these materials. But don’t throw in our face that we’re ungrateful because we’ve reached a saturation point. We’ve been able to handle it so far, and have reaped great benefits - and I cannot thank you and Mike enough. But we’re not in a position to do it now. That doesn’t make us the villain.

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I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I realize things are different at DMS now and space is at a premium, especially storage space. With no freebie shelf to deposit stuff on and fewer people using the space, it now makes much more sense that we cannot accept these donations. There is simply no mechanism to accept donations like these.

Nobody is a villain here. I was just offering them up, someone accepted them and wanted to collect them, and then it was pointed out we cannot accept them because of space limitation and they would necessitate throwing them out in short order. I didn’t want that to happen so I decided to go ahead and collect them from Leanne this time. I’'ll communicate to Gulfstream we don’t want any future donations and she should find someone else to give them to.

I apologize to anyone I may have offended, especially @jnorine and @jrkriehn. Judy explained the rational for not wanting/inability to accept the donations and I completely understand.

@mchou93 if you happen to want some of this load, I plan to pick them all up Friday. We can make arrangements for you to take some or all of it. PM me and we can set a time at DMS to meet.


Please, don’t phrase it like this. We appreciate all the donations, and would be interested again in the future, but at the current time we’re at our storage limit and regretfully must decline their generous offer.

I would think they would understand hitting a limit of available storage space, since it is ( I assume ) the reason they’re making the donation offer in the first place.


I get it. No space no ability to take donations. Gulfstream I’m sure understands. I certainly do.

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I’m not necessarily intending to revive this thread, but it is now 2022 and things are a little different now, I hope than in 2020. Leanne, from Gulfstream has offered a number of donations again and I’ve I’m picking everything up at 2:30PM today.

She’s promised leather, veneers, corian samples, some hardwoods and some sheet metal samples this time. I’ll inventory and post up some pictures when I get it all back home.

I said previously in this thread, that I wouldn’t be bringing anything to DMS, again, but I was asked not to think this way that it was all just bad timing. In any case, once I put up the pictures, you can decided whether I should bring it to DMS for everyone to use for their projects.

I don’t mind doing the work of collecting it, but I don’t want an incident like what is described in this thread to occur again. If DMS is not interested in the donation, I’ll help Leanne find somewhere else to donate them.


I, for one, am definitely interested.

Thank you

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I have gotten great use of the leather from Gulfstream, I’m interested as well

I’ve picked up the samples and there are some treasures in there. One thing not mentioned above is a quilted leather set of samples. I’ll be posting some pictures soon.


My vote is just bring it. We can clear some space on the freebie shelf.