Guitars in DM Room


Who owns the instruments in the digital media room? (DMS or private?)


calling … @Team_Digital_Media


I’m fairly certain that they are owned by a member on loan to the space. They are not marked as training required (nor have I seen any classes offered) so by my understanding, they’re available for anyone to play.


They’re on loan, feel free to play them just give them the respect they deserve.

Same for the piano


I believe Bill the cigar box guitar maker (can’t believe I don’t know his name or TALK handle) owns the guitar.


The piano I believe is ours.


Bill Scott


Piano or synth??


Electric piano? Synth? Whatever it is, it’s not acoustic.

I imagine it has MIDI in and out as well but I was barely consulted when it was bought and haven’t really set foot in there since so ¯\ _ (ツ) _ /¯


I think we need a Fiddle …

But until then … perhaps we can share …


Start playing Charlie Daniels.



Does digital media have any amps? Thanks


DMS house band!
That would so make the Space complete!
It would need a name…


The Maker People or The Village Makers.

One member in a shop apron, one in a lab coat, one in a welding helmet and one in the stereotypical nurd costume:

Edit: “We make it the D - M - S Way, D - M - S Wayay…”


i would say that a headphone practice system like a zoom505 would be much less disruptive than an amplifier


speaking of which. i have a full size edrum kit that has just been collecting dust in my apartment closet (2nd story apartment). if post expansion there is decent floor space i’d love to just loan it until past july? that way even ~I would get a chance to play it more often than never


The Rabid Badgers


Yes! Please loan it! Was considering buying one


It’s a Casio Electric Piano. It has weighted keys, midi out and a couple of built in sounds.