Guess who owns a 3D Vacuum Box - we do!


Not to overshadow last weeks beautiful baby the floor loom

But we are just poppin’ bottles and buying stuff to outfit us into CA 4.2
Check it out people
@CaryF300 can answer questions and he will get you guys going really soon
I know @apparently_weird (ps Happy Birthday!) and more of you will be waiting on the bit for this thing making custom plates and other stuff for fun times.


Whens the “train the trainer” on this bad boy?


As soon as it comes in we will have to find a temporary place for it to live.

For a permanent home, a rolling cart like the one the big heat press live on would work, but one with drawers might be better, Then we could store accessories, like gloves, wraps, silicone membranes, etc. in it.

It is currently schedule to be delivered on Thursday. I plan to come unpack it that evening, if we can find a home for it. I’m willing to do a “train the trainers” on it that night.

At some point I would like to get some interested people trained to teach all of Dye Sub, but I think that will be post-expansion when we have everything situated, including a computer setup for the printer that has some graphics software on it.


Monday the cart is being delivered. I won’t be able to come in next week that I know of (family visiting). If a few people could volunteer to put it together that would be fantastic.


I can come in Monday evening to put it together.