Guess what went wrong with this weld?



You tried to weld stainless to aluminum? Wrong polarity, You tried to walk the cup and failed?


Kinda looks like no shield gas.

Were you running AC?




@yashsedai and @Ferman you guys nailed it! I didn’t do it, but it seems like people ask about doing it all the time on the forum.


Not enough boogers to glue them together?


Once you know the answer, the differences in the metals are just blindingly obvious in the photo.


Damn, I didn’t see the thread in time to win the prize.
oh no


Poor Johnny-comelately!


Honestly taping the metal together would have provided a better weld :stuck_out_tongue:


And not have made a royal mess of the tungsten and torch!


JB. Weld, that is…



It definitely hurt me.


Same, the want to introduce to hickory shampoo is great!


In the process.

Found a decent welding channel that anyone looking into getting into it might want to subscribe to(apart from video linked above).




I like TFS, Weld dot com, & Welding tips & tricks channels


I aim to educate!


Hot glue…I mean JB Weld.


Looking at the pieces in the background, it looks like they were welded?