Great Blacksmith YouTube Channels


Here are some great YouTube Channels for learning Blacksmithing …
There are many more … please post your favorites …

  • Dirty Smith -
    Rory is a blacksmith in the family business known as Dragon Forge working along side his father, Craig. Sharing his days of forging, building, managing a shop, a small window into what it is like to work in a modern blacksmithing shop. Hobbyists be warned: this is the real world with serious clients, serious deadlines and one-of-a-kind projects.

  • Alec Steele -
    My name’s Alec Steele and here you’ll find near-daily videos documenting the process of building some awesome projects here in the shop. As a blacksmith, most of the projects start as lumps of steel, or stacks of different alloys for making damascus, that I forge out into blades, sculpture, art or tools before taking the project to the machining equipment or into the grinding room for finishing. Each project teaches me a lot and stretches the bounds of my knowledge. I make a lot of mistakes but they serve as an excellent teacher. There’s always something important for me to learn in the shop!


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