Good deal on an ok-looking 162 lb anvil

Happened to see this Peter Wright 162lb anvil up for sale today on Facebook. I don’t know the anvil or seller, but $4.27/ lb for a good-sized, known-name antique anvil is worth a closer look.

I doubt it’ll last long.

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I showed it to Kelly and he said he knows the seller and he’s a good guy. I also showed this to some Brookhaven advanced II class students tonight.

Looks like a pretty good deal, but I’m holding off for a while. Unfortunately, I fell for a PW scammer on FB Marketplace. Kelly suggested it was a good deal and I Zelled the dude only to find out her was a scammer. $400 later I learned a valuable lesson.

It was not a good day and it has shied me away from FB martketplace.

It took me a little bit to find it, but I know that seller.
Not personally, but I bought some ax heads from him back in November of 2021. I just wanted to go through my messages on messenger and make sure it was the same guy before I said anything.

Went right to his house and picked them up and paid cash.
Seemed like a pretty nice guy and had no problems.

I’ve bought four anvils and three post vises (some for myself, some for others) off of Craigslist in TX and CO over the last several years and never had a problem.

I’ve also bought tongs and Hardy tools via Craigslist in MO and IL. FWIW, it’s an easy way to make cross-country drives more interesting.

Cash on delivery is king, IMHO. Bring a friend (or two) and meet in a public place during daylight hours if you feel sketchy/unsafe. Some local PD’s allow exchanges at the station as an option.

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I had the same experience previously, which is why I took a chance on this anvil purchase. The guy said he lived in Cedar Park, near Austin, and my brother lives in Leander so I thought he could collect it for me.

Seemed like a great deal so I chanced it and lost. The fact is though that he was a scammer who has “sold” and resold the anvil many times. Kelly has blocked him from selling it on at least five other sites.

Fortunately, the loss wasn’t too traumatic, but still it is sad that people resort to such criminal behavior.

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