Glowforge Plus for sale $1500 OBO

I was directed to these forums to post a Glowforge for sale, but I’m not sure I’m in the right subcategory. I’ve searched a bit but I’m not quite seeing a board just for sale stuff. Let me know if it’s okay here and I can put in the comments or switch to a different board! Thanks!

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Hello @Kelly_P, I have moved your post to our Makertrade section. You can add your details to it as it is in the right category.


I seem to have been redirected to the right place! Thank you to the admin who helped!

Glowforge Plus for sale, $1500 or best reasonable offer. Works well.
Husky tool chest $300 with GF or $350 separately (but I’d need the machine gone first)


  • Purchased April 2020, used heavily on the weekends, very lightly during the week
  • Brand new air assist fan as of November 2023
  • Spare printhead fan included but not installed
  • Spare carriage plate with belt included (air assist on it may or may not work well)
  • Lens remover tool included
  • 3D printed exhaust extender included
  • Infinity S6 fan included with airtight 3D printed reducers
  • Switchbot included
  • Can include a LOT of scrap wood if you want them!

Husky cabinet has a power strip with 2 USB ports.

I do not currently have any videos of it running recently simply because it’s sitting in the middle of my living room with no logical venting. (My upgraded machine was delivered earlier than expected so it was a rushed swap out.) But I will gladly get a video for any serious interest. I will say that it has always struggled a bit with true .25" wood. I used mostly .11"-.20" wood and acrylics. Machine is not spotless, but overall well maintained.

Seems like I can only put one pic right now but will add more if I figure out how!

Edited to add: Does anyone know of any other reputable places/sites to list a laser? I was getting some creepy/scammy responses on Marketplace and just didn’t feel comfortable with it there. No interest on the DFW Area Laser Makers FB page.

Thanks so much!

Finally was able to get a video. Make an offer if you’re interested. Edit: it’s loud because the Infinity S6 was not hooked up. (It is included though.) Also, obviously sped up.