Glaze PayPal QR code

A very excited @jmeinel at the last ceramics committee meeting:
ooh! We have a PayPal QR code for glaze!? That’s so cool! It needs to be everywhere, like everywhere. Like where is it? Like it should be plastered everywhere so everyone can see it!

Me: it’s on all the signage.

@jmeinel looks disappointed, “well, I haven’t seen it.”


Ummmmm…calling me out @Synth83? :thinking: :roll_eyes:

So no…I did not notice those because there is so much writing surrounding the QR code. All I see are words, not a QR code.

If I was making the QR code signs, I’d have the QR code all by itself like the one on the donation box with big writing saying, “Glaze Payment/Ceramics Donation” with a picture of the PayPal logo noticeable somewhere (under the writing or under the QR code). Since you so graciously brought me into this thread, here are my thoughts. :smirk:

  1. People need to know what payment source we are using, so PayPal should be somewhere. There are too many other payment apps and not everyone has PayPal, so we need to make it known where the QR code is taking them.

  2. It’s too distracting having a ton of writing surrounding the QR code that has absolutely nothing to do with payments. It should be stand alone in multiple places, not only on the payment box.

  3. If you want to add the QR code to miscellaneous flyers that will be advertising other things regarding Ceramics, that’s fine. Just don’t expect people to notice that it’s there. :yum:

:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:


This is excellent feedback! :slight_smile: In the next week or two, I’ll just put the QR code by itself.

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I don’t mind helping you if you want to do it in the computer lab at DMS. I have classes there Saturday & Sunday. Don’t want you to think I only make suggestions and I’m not willing to help. :kissing_heart:

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