Glaze Extravaganza: Clay & Coffee June 2019

Are you interested in the Ceramics community at Dallas Makerspace? Come join us for our monthly Clay & Coffee on Sunday, June 9th from 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. in the Ceramics workshop!

For this month’s meeting we will be learning all about dip glazing: how to prepare pieces before dipping and how to effectively apply dip glazes to bisque. We will have a selection of colors to choose from. Grab a cup of coffee and dip a bisque piece or two (under 8 inches in diameter is suggested). But watch out for splatters!

BYOMug and BISQUE and see you there!

This month’s flyer:

Link to the calendar event:


Are we getting some new dipping glazes or still using the ones we have?

Clark provided me with a selection of glazes he found to be reliable and I will pick 3-4 colors. We will definitely have new colors to choose from this round plus the ones from last time that are still at the space.


Awesome! Sounds great!

Clark is awesome…

Do we have a list of the new glaze colors that were picked up last week? And the clay and coffee selections as well? :pray:t3:

Maybe we could start a post when new glazes come in?

We could then share new color combos and brainstorm ideas from afar :+1:t3: