GlassWorks Committee Meeting Monday 11/05/2018 6:30PM


Sorry team,
I have not been 100% and was put on bed rest for the next couple days. So I am way behind in things I intended to get done last month.


We will be discussing any updates on the expansion
Also, further discussing class structure.

Please take the time to see our microwave work table in the interactive room. I would like to get a vote to purchase 2 more in December for our equipment.

purchase some vacuums.

Vote to get rid of the commercial 240 microwave.

Action items that did not get completed;

  1. Vent pricing info for the expansion team
  2. Research if vents are required for glass kilns.
  3. quote on rewiering the large kiln to 208
  4. Power issues for power pull for 2 microwaves . Breaker flips.
    Edit**** pricing on new 16-17 inch link

Ending with Q&A


Today I found the part that Dave ordered for the microwave. I put it in the microwave.


Maybe an extra. They both had working turning rings??


I took the microwave home? The 2 there are new and fine?


There was a new turning ring that came this week on Monday, on table in Common room if not already piucked up.


It was for my old microwave I took home.

@dianarhodes, The rings should be put in the microwave cabinet. I expect at some point the rings will get melted on the new microwaves.


Edit in addition in action items,

Get pricing on new 16-17 inch kiln approved by committee