Glass department

Kiln #2 is not working. The controller abourts the schedule as it does not detect the elements firing. I performed a paper test today and all elements are working. Thermocouple issues. I see a new themocouple sitting on a table next to the kiln. Is this the correct part?

If you see Vincent around, he should be able to answer that question…

Don’t touch our kilns. We will investigate when we have time. That thermocouple is mine, it has nothing to do with that large kiln.

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Yeah – Vincent is already aware of the issue, and is working on it. That’s why I thought he’d know about the thermocouple.

I had the pleasure of a tour on 3/30/2024 but am having a hard time trying to find out when the the large kiln will be fixed and working. i am interested in joining and need to talk to the persons in charge. i do live a long ways fron DMS and will be willing to drive out when i can meet fellow fusers, slumoers and stained glass artists

The Glass Committee meeting is coming up tomorrow:

You should be able to get all your answers if you can go to that meeting. At DMS, committee members are the people who go to the meetings. They are open to everyone who is interested.

I won’t be there since I have to work.

I doubt I will be able to make it as I am having dental work done at 3.0 pm

When will you or Victor or any other glass member be available for me to meet??

Thank you for your response

I think his handle is @Vincent. Although, he doesn’t seem to read Talk very often…

I’m pretty unpredictable until after April 15th. Although, I can usually be found in either the Common Room or the Pillar Room after around 9:30-10:00 pm.

Thank you for reaching out to me. Really appreciate it.
That late at night as I would have to drive 40 miles due west may just not be possible.

My husband will be needing my complete attention as he starts treatment for reoccurring cancer.
If I could talk to someone about the kilns etc
It would make it convenient for me to make plans.

I have been a potter for 20+ years , stained glass about 36 years ago working for builders of high end homes
And last 5 years I have been fusing.

Would love to talk to you when you can.

All the best

The large kiln has been fixed as of last week. We are still doing some testing to make sure it’s fully functional. It failed because someone was rough with the controller so we need to make sure that doesn’t happen again


Beth, do you mind if i drop off two boxes of plain glass this weekend? Same place?

Works for me!

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