Gift Shop Update

@CaryF300 very generously donated mugs which are priced and available. :slight_smile:

I put out the last of the pride magnets. I don’t have any plans to reorder these - if I do, it will probably be for the next Pride month. It’s possible that we might decide to reorder before then but they might also be gone forever after these are gone.

I printed labels for price tags. Now anyone can donate items to put in the gift shop - just write a price on the price tag and stick it on your donation. I hope this will be a fun thing but there are a couple of rules:

  1. Items should be handmade by you. If you want to put something in the gift shop that isn’t handmade by you please ask permission first.
  2. Anything put in the gift shop is a donation to DMS. You cannot take your item(s) back once they have been put in the gift shop. D&O can remove items if they sit too long or for other reasons. If you care about what happens to your item, please do not put it in the gift shop, advertise it on Talk instead.

As a gentle reminder, the robot art is NOT for sale etc.


Thank you, I’ll move it. :grimacing:

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Moved to purgatory for safekeeping. I’m looking forward to displaying it on the new lobby shelves. :grin:


There are sharpies for sale in the gift shop now - are there any other consumables that people would like to have available at DMS? Blue tape? :slight_smile:

A couple of questions came up about donating to the gift shop:

  1. You can add a tag with your shop info in addition to the DMS tag as long as there is no confusion about how to pay DMS for the item. DMS will keep all proceeds and will not reimburse for anything donated to DMS.

  2. Items are a lot cooler with the DMS logo but the logo is not required. :slight_smile: