Getting Gold Out of Saturation Gold

Huh, it’s been ages since I used saturation gold. Does it need extra layers to actually be gold?

It turns out a bronze colored gold with 4 coats.

Ah, interesting. That cow skull is mine with…3 (I think) coats of it. So any idea how to get one of these? at least in the photo the cow just looks brown. I’m guessing thicker coats or something.

Edit: I just realized I’m in the kiln news thread oops. Sorry!

Moooars coatssss


Also clay matters.

haha ok ok. I was just worried about dripping if I put more and more. And this is just the standard cone 6 slip :slight_smile:

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Yes, it might move, would leave 1/4" at the bottom.

Yeah, that’s the problem with the cow skull, there isn’t really room for that much, it would basically leave half the thing unglazed. I guess I’ll have to test some things. Thanks for the suggestions! :slight_smile:

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You could put a thinner coat at the bottom, and thicker towards the top. Might work, might run, yes testing should help.

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I searched the FB Amaco group, and found this:

That’s 6 (yes, six) coats of SG, and they did Cone 6 plus a 5 min hold. We’re not currently doing holds…

Although – looks like it didn’t really run much.

You could make a posted cookie for it.

Yes we have a holds on the cone 6 firings. Depends on the kiln but it’s typically about 10 mins

That should be good for the SG, then. I know that the metallics are finicky about temps, but 5 vs 10 probably won’t make a difference.

It sounds like i need to put some more coats on that bad boy and then just use more in the past. Are there non-matte golid/bronze/copper options? I know ancient copper it sometimes shiny in parts but the last thing i did with it, while it looked cool, the thicker layers took away most of the detail of the mold.

Eeh. I don’t really think so. The metallic glazes have some very goofy chemistry, and while you might be able to finesse the precise “good” firing temp if you had your own kiln, our group is a little too “set” for that. Paint or that gold leaf might work. The lusters would be good, and we do special firings for lusters, but they are Pricy$$, because they’re the real metal.

And even with the perfect temp, you’ve still got Layers and Layers of the regular metallic glazes, so it’d be thick.