Getting cleared to use the lift?

Is anyone willing to meet me up at the space one night this week or sometime on the weekend? I need to get me signed off on using the lift so i can bleed the clutch on my Triumph.


Putting this in Automotive was a good start, but let’s tag @Team_Automotive as well. Many folks on committees don’t always scan their area to see if there are requests. A tag will put a little blue circle when they sign in so they can click directly to the message.

Welcome Jack!

First thing is whether you’ve taken automotive 101, which became a requirement after last year.

With automotive now tagged we’ll see some of the other instructors hopefully chime in. I’m back in town this weekend and can do a lift class since I’ve been teaching that for a while, but since I haven’t taught 101 yet I’d rather let one of the other instructors handle that.

Lift class is $20 cash during the training, paid to the automotive committee

I am also interested in getting Automotive 101 and lift certification class. I don’t see any class for both (Automotive 101 and lift ) in Event calendar. Can we please have training for both.

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Thanks Jim,

Didn’t know about the 101 class. Happy to take it but I’ve asked a few people about getting signed off and that never came up. What does the class involve? Like Adnan I haven’t seen it listed on the event the calendar.

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Like many events, they do not hit the calendar until the week before or of the event since we schedule them based on demand and when the instructors are available. Given many of us don’t know our schedules for volunteering that far out, we often submit classes at the last minute. There aren’t too many people teaching the 101 unfortunately.

The 101 is new as of ~1 year ago. Prior members were grandfathered in and likely why you hadn’t heard much about it. The 101 goes over automotive rules, cleanup, some of the equipment in the bays, etc.

We have an Automotive committee meeting the 30th at noon. If a class can’t happen before then I’m sure we could impromtu one on the spot.

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Make sense. After seeing some of the messes that have been left behind, I am on board with a class like that.

Getting to the space at noon will be tough but I will do my best.

If its possible we can meet on 30th afternoon for the 101 class around 5 pm. Afternoon time for training in week days works for most of us.

I too would like to get cleared on the lift and the automotive department. I’m
Happy to help instruct in the future used to have a two post and a drive on lift.

@Team_Automotive can we get a time frame on when we can expect Automotive 101 training and Lift certification. If classes are not possible in near future can we do private lessons to get certified. Thanks

We have a committee meeting tomorrow at noon. I’ll be in for it and can do a spot train on the lift for an hour or so.

If not then, I’ll be available in the evenings this week. Feel free to send me a PM.

I’m currently working out my work schedule, and when I know more I’ll get some lift training up.


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