FYI: Military vehicle & Locomotive size wrenches

I dont thint Automotive needs these but I thought I would share:

Northern Tool has a fairly nice set of ten large combination wrenches (Big Fockers) on clearance.

The “smallest” in the set is 1 - 7/16" (36mm)
Only the Moon Walker sets are on clearance

They were marked down to $98 (a great time to use their $20 off a $100 sale coupon). Often times their markdown items ring up for less at the register- or so this has been my experience in the past.

(The ‘tool junkie’ in me makes me think I should have bought a set yesterday even though I I know I only have 2 fasteners in those size ranges that I will ever need to remove & I have American made sockets for those (36mm & 46mm axle nuts))


also for those folks in the Cosplay sig who want some “realistic” Steampunk props…


Tools for cheap just means you need to acquire the matching project :grinning:


I have a few “vintage” projects & certainly don’t need/want any more.

I am thinking the wrenches could be a decent garage sculpture of sorts…

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That is completely outside the Maker spirit and that’s not what he said: you need to acquire the matching project. (emphasis added) This not willing to get new tools at bargain and unwillingness to take on new projects is disturbing. Does anyone think and Intervention by fellow makers is warranted?

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You sound like the PC “everyone deserves a hug/ trophy crowd” by being an enabler !

Acquiring the project / gear / tools (like the guy maker that is interested in starting a Tee shirt printing company) is usually the easy part of the equation…Time and a realistic monetary budget are the tougher ones to get a grip on.


They’d be better used as Indian exercise clubs than cosplay props. I shudder to think what it’s like to carry one of these wrenches around for 8 hours at a convention.

… and the point is? Yeah, well I’m well known for being PC. So you’ve deflected on to me and on Tee-shirt Maker, one more excuse and you’ll have a Hat Trick.

As far as the money excuse, they are on $ALE (saving you money) plus you can get that add-on discount (saving you more money). Sounds like your throwing it away to me. Time is just priorities, you’ll just need your betrothed to allocate you some from, say, sleep?

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My neighbor and I give each other a tool on our birthdays every year. It has to be the most ridiculous tool, we try to out-do each other. You would not believe the collection of odd tools I have acquired over the years. My favorite store to pick up some odd tools is CDC Surplus in Richardson.


and that’s why you NEED to invest the extra $ into the aluminum proptool. 1/3 of the weight saved. Also, NEED to acquire the whole set, including the 14" and 18" even though you’ll only ever cosplay withuse the 24"…

I used to carry a 3/4” socket set around. I learned quickly on that & took it back to the shop. Now I only buy the Proto sockets and or larger wrenches as I need them. I think the largest I have is 2 1/8 maybe 2 1/2”, that I used last summer.

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I’ve been meaning to go there and check that place out forever. I think I might just do that this weekend, finally. I need some small tools for my motorcycle’s field kit.

Yer Right…phuck yeah!!!

Look honey, I know that one day there will be a need to use this 2-1/2" combination wrench for “something” but I’m not sure what yet…

But then my reality kicks in and reminds me to look at the C.O.O. and I just cannot…

CDC Surplus is located in Richardson on Beltline, midway between Greenville Ave and Plano Road. Sales are cash only, no credit cards.

I have a friend that used to work in Oil and Gas that has a 7’ pipe wrench, just in case you want to make him an offer…

Oilfield - closed end wrench for wrist pin in the counter weight of oil pumping unit.
4x oilfield hands on a kludged together lever. No, it didn’t even budge…

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Automotive has a 36mm socket with a custom thin wall courtesy of a certain E36 wheel bearing from a few years ago… :smiley:

Christ that’s as bad as my Range Rover needing an extra special low-pro 9/16 socket to get to the front propshaft flange on the transfer case. Only reason it’s necessary is they put a chassis crossmember RIGHT THERE below it so you can hardly get in there with a combo wrench.

Joke’s on me, putting in a double cardan to cope with the lift means that I can’t use that tool anymore, either. It’s down to 1/12 turns with a box end for all 4 nylock nuts.

I should have taken pictures of the wrenches at my office yesterday. We had wrench’s made out of 1 1/2 plate. They were for the gear box, motor and compressor. To date the largest machine I’ve worked on. 5500 tons.

Btw it uses an Allen Bradley control panel.

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Actually if we got access to that size wrench, it would make for some great multipart classes. 2 part mold. Foam casting. Painting and sealing. Teaching cosplayers how to fab Convention approved props.

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