Full time, no experience needed, physically hard, technician/manager trainee


I am looking for my 1st full-time employee.

If you’re looking for new career you just found it! The electronic access control and automatic gate market in Dallas-Fort Worth is one of the strongest markets in the country. Putting it bluntly it’s white-hot.

I am looking for someone who is not scared of success, wants to learn about growing a business, loves to problem solve, can start from the bottom, professional and needs a new home.

The position is for an electronic access control installer and will be trained for management position.

You do not need experience and must be willing to do everything. This job is physically demanding and will primarily be outside.

You will be trained to do SOME of the following:


Electromechanical gate openers
Video surveillance


Systems and system development
Public speaking
Social media marketing
Direct response marketing

We will pay for:

State electronic access control/alarm licensing
Drug tests
Background check
Training – Including books, audiobooks, seminars, etc.

You are required to:

Have a clean driving record
Have a clean legal background
Have good communication skills
Have a professional appearance
Pass regular drug tests
Enjoy the job!

We offer:

Sales incentives – These will clearly be laid out and easy to obtain
Flexible hours – With advance notice this doesn’t have to be a 9 to 5 Monday through Friday job, will be 40 hours week
Ability to move up – As stated before this is a manager trainee position
Flexibility on location – We are expanding in several areas so you don’t have to be based around downtown Dallas
Ability and training for personal growth – We will pay for personal-finance training, mentorship,leadership training, etc.
Great launchpad for your career – Being realistic, people move on to different jobs. But this job would give you a great foundation for your next move or starting your own business. We will teach you how to sell, speak, market, publish etc.

If you’re not sure whether this is right for you call me, let’s talk about it.

Brooks “The Access Control Expert” 214-931-2626

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Would you be willing to take on a recent engineer grad?


Heck yeah! Give me a call or lets meet up at DMS tomorrow if you are available…

Brooks 214-931-2626