FS: PDUs, ATS, old servers, and networking gear

With the closing of my old hosting environment, some of the gear is up for grabs.

an Automatic Transfer Switch (208v @ 30 Amp; dual L6-30 input feeds with approx 10’ cables; 3x L6-30 sockets output). This is for redundant power feeding equipment that otherwise operates with single PSUs or to ensure both channels in a rack stay on for other reasons even if the equipment has dual PSUs.

Works great, not compatible with my smaller, personal environment. Photo is of unit just before it was pulled out of last service late last week (visible at at bottom of cabinet):

Ask: $100

Baytech MMP101 208v 30A Monitored/Switched PDU (network+serial). 1u rack height, 1x L6-30p input, 8x C13 outputs

Works fine, again just not compatible with my personal environment.

Ask: $100

Blade/IBM g8052 Network Switch
48x GbE ports; 4x 10G SFP+ ports. Dual PSU. cisco-like syntax though not technically 100% cisco-compatible

Ask: $75

Rebranded SuperMicro 1u half-depth server.
Works, uses DDR3. Unsure the full specs but can probably dig them out if needed. Was setup as a PfSense device. Single PSU. SSD will be pulled but the system will have proc+ram.

Ask: $50

Rack Shelves. $5 each. Have one 2u and one 1u shelf for sure, may be more around that will end up being available.

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I’ll take the 1U server. Can do paypal if you PM me an address.

Adding more freshly sorted cables

17x red locking IEC 13/14 cables, approx 6’ length

Asking $15 for the bundle

Bundle of fiber cables. Unknown condition, but have been in storage. We’re pulled working but no idea if they’ve been rough handled. Free to taker within a week otherwise dumpstering

15 Amp IBM mini-PDU with C19 inlet, 7x C13 outlets.

Ask $15