Friday's Embroidery Class 2021/9/17 -- Spaces available

I’m posting for Sue. She attention and Broadway class on Friday it got on the schedule at the wrong time 6:25 see you in 10 so to be there until at least 8:30 to 9. Right now there’s several openings in it if you’re ever down hand embroidering or it’s been years it’s a great thing to take when you’re having to wait at the doctor’s office it’s a it’s a fun class I know she would like to see you there

I have no idea what you’re trying to say about the time.

The she intended for the class to start at 7 and to run till 9 she will be there after starting time however she she will not cake roll until later in class please sign up

i.e., she will not take roll call until later in class …

If having to use voice-to-text wasn’t enough of a problem there are times things and will change screen and jump me out of wherever I was it only took three times to get what I I might have to I might have to think about

@Cairenn_Day you know I love you to pieces but these voice to text messages… I know it’s frustrating for you, but some of these are hilarious!

I know that some of hard to figure out and some end up extremely funny like the one where I said we should be willing to accept checks 1 far I’m going to spell it d u e s. What is posted wolves we should accept sex for June well that wasn’t quite right either let me smell the second word again text bar capital j e w s somebody called me and told me I needed to correct that one but it’s still funny 1 another great one from the past was the society for Creative anachronism has an event in Pennsylvania and I’m going to spell it called a pennsic Wars. I think you can guess what my phone wants to call it. I laugh every two I know right one is a problem so I always double-check it or spell it. You might as well laugh at such things



I love your posts because they are great puzzles to solve and mostly they are hilarious, too. Like the one above which says we should “accept sex for June”. We all love you Cairenn, but sometimes we all have a hard time figuring out what you’re trying to say. In any case, thank you for letting us know about the 7PM start of this class. My wife and I are looking forward to it. I’m glad Beth and Chris are so good at translating. :grinning: