Free wood in Flower Mound over by Marcus HS

A teacher I work with contacted me to put this up on talk. Husband had plans. Plans failed. She wants it gone.
Said it’s a three man job at least. Heavy. I asked for closeups I’ll post them when I get them.

Lemme know and I’ll hook you guys up and you can go sweat in a strangers backyard.


I don’t have a vehicle to transport but looks like good fun.

Do you know species and/ or how long it’s been down?

Were the plans a tree house? Cause I can relate if that was the end result :laughing:


No i know she doesn’t know the species I’ll ask about when they got it.

Apparently he did a curb rescue.

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They picked it up in October but apparently it had been cut before that.

If that’s from a deciduous oak, it would make for some really good bbq wood. I live practically next door.

I honestly don’t know what it is. Wanna talk to her and pop over and poke it with a stick?

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do they still have it??? i am interested

I think so. I did send her a message that I didn’t have anyone all that interested. Send me your contact info over a pm and I’ll send it to her.