Free stuff - prefer you to pickup - SOLD

  • 10 lb bucket of Hydrocal (plaster like material but stronger)
  • 5 lb bucket of molecular sieves (used for removing water from other liquids like alcohol)
  • harbour freight powder coating gun and a couple powders
  • unused 5w-30 full synthetic oil (6 quarts)

more coming as I sort through all our stuff prior to move


Ooh! @Monikat ? @Christykaake ? Do we need a bucket of Hydrocal? I understand that’s the stuff to use for plaster ceramic molds. @kellerwerks ?

Where do you live? I might interested in picking it all up.

South central Plano area, near 75 and Parker

Can I come get it tomorrow during the day or should I get it in the evening? I live in Northeast Carrolllton. It is a straight shot across Park and then to Parker.

You can text me an address if you want to 214 seven seven three 6 8 8 9.

All the free stuff has been picked up already


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No worries. I hope it found a good home.