Free Retro Cameras

Hey! Are these still up for grabs?

Yep they are still available

Omg sorry to respond so late! I’m still getting used to using talk, I’ve been wanting to get into photography so I would love to take one of the cameras off your hands if it’s still available : D

Yea it takes a bit to get used to. Which one would you like?

Be aware, the bigger camera, the Kodak “Handle” is unusable since the late 80s as the film is no longer available. Kodak was sued by Polaroid for copyright infringement and lost.

The two smaller cameras, if operational, can still be used but they shoot 110 film, not 35mm. You can still easily get it online and send it off for development (or do it at home) but your selection of films is pretty narrow.

Wow did not know that. I dont know much about that world and figured they could be put up on a book shelf or where ever. I have more but they are somewhere in a box. I really would like to see them be put to better use than just sitting under a table possibly getting broken

Ya, definitely still able to use them as decoration but a lot of the old instant cameras, save for the Polaroid 600 series or SX-70 are unable to be used nowadays because the film is no longer produced.

I’d be interested to see what other cameras you might have if you ever dig up that box.