Free old uP dev kits/eval boards

Doing some cleanout of the archives and have a few old uC dev kits. Free to a good home.

68HC705 and Microchip PIC 16CXX (16C84 included) parallel port programmer + dev board.

Can drop off at DMS or can be picked up on Little Elm (or Colony/Frisco).

Motorola 68HC705

Motorola emulator and programmer board for 68HC05. 68HC05 is a 6800 with embedded EPROM. Has 1 windowed sample chip.

PIC 16Cxx

MicroEngineering Labs EPIC parallel port PIC programmer. Includes PIC proto board and PIC16C84 chip.


Wow that brings back some memories. Many years ago, I used the heck out of that programmer. & look at that, double 9V batteries for when you forgot the power supply.

You made me go look for my old microchip programmer.


It may be a member of the 6800 family, but the '05 is somewhat lobotomized.

Take the 6800, remove the second accumulator and the decimal adjust instruction. Narrow the index and stack pointer registers to 8 bits.

Think of a 6502 without the Y register and the indirect addressing modes…

Still, gobs of them have been used for automotive applications where cost is a factor.

I have worked with the SX-52 which is a very fast PIC 16 equivalent. Hated the RAM banking and that subtraction was “backward.” Also no add with carry.

So, you’ll take the boards? :wink:

I will to save them from getting trashed.

It turns out the SX-52 is actually a PIC12 architecture device.

If anyone remembers me working on LED array display panels, the first one I used contained a PIC16 - it was powerful enough to be programmed entirely in C. The hardware design team had switched from the MSP430 to the PIC thinking it can drive the LEDs more effectively; we switched back with the next generation after finding that was not true and the MSP430 was a bit quicker while using much less power.

I know someone who built and still maintains devices using some kind of PIC; I do not know which one it is.

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