Free HP3456A qty 3 on the freebie shelf later today


I’ll be dropping off three of these on the freebie shelf after work. One is a bit flaky on some ranges, another does not get past self-test, and one does not power up. An ambitious individual should be able to cobble together one out of these three.


I will be very interested in trying to cobble a working unit or two out of them if I can get my hands on them. They would be great on my home electronics workbench.


I see from the link that these units are based on a Motorola 6800 microprocessor.

If anyone needs help with their firmware, I have plenty of experience with the 6800.


These look like the units that Dave Guill overhauled. 6800 old school ram, rom, etc.


Yep, his were the older ones. My current fleet consists of a Fluke 8840A, HP 3437A, Fluke 112, and a Keithley 617 electrometer. I think I’m covered on the voltage measurement front. :slight_smile: